No. Exact locations are NEVER stored. We have a system that picks a random location within the zip code you provide. Additionally, your personal info will not be attached to the pin.

When ordering Huggs for different people, you need to place separate orders. Please make sure to insert the code that was given to you in your first order. It will be at the bottom of the page after the order is placed. If you can't find it there, it will be in the confirmation email. You can insert the code at the bottom of the checkout page.

The chain page updates when the order is shipped. Check back soon!

Your job:

- pick rock
- enter friends address
- type a note that you want included

Our job:

- Shipping rock to your friend with their unique code and your note

To start a custom chain, first add the custom listing to your cart and then go to checkout. When you get to the checkout page, upload any image/icon on top and add a custom chain name at the bottom.
When someone receives a custom rock, to continue the chain they will not have to select a rock design for their recipient. It will automatically be the rock you sent to them.